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Thank you for your interest in becoming a service provider for Omni. You will be joining the fastest growing snow and ice management company in America! Just fill out this online form and we will respond shortly. Please complete all fields so we may better assess your capabilities.
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Can you do side walk work?              Yes No
Can you offer de-icing services?              Yes No
Do you have Comprehensive Liability Insurance coverage?              Yes No
Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance to prove it?              Yes No
Will the sidewalk laborers be your own full-time employees?              Yes No
Will you have to secure sidewalk laborers from an outside source?              Yes No
Do you have a back-up salt truck in the event of a failure?              Yes No
What would be the response time for the back-up salt truck?             
When salting, we expect salt load time not to exceed 20% of actual salt truck time when invoicing; Do you understand this?              Yes No
These visits would occur often between 4AM and 6AM. Can we count on you to be there?              Yes No
Omni expects that your invoices shall accurately reflect use of Omni owned salt and bagged sidewalk deicer. You must notify authorized Omni Field personnel for the need for prompt replenishment of these supplies, in the event we are running low.Does this sound reasonable to you?              Yes No
Do you intend to use the same operators for each storm on a particular site?              Yes No
Will different operators be brought into a particular site each time a new storm hits?              Yes No
Please check all the languages members of your crew speak:             

Omni prides itself on being efficient; using OUR snow pushers makes this possible. We demand that every pusher on site is to be used during plow events.
We do not plow with equipment buckets. Do you have experience with snow pushers?              Yes No
If "No", are you willing to learn how to properly use them?              Yes No
To properly manipulate a snow pusher on a backhoe, one has to maneuver using split brakes. Are the split brakes on your equipment fully functional?              Yes No
Do your operators know how to use split brakes properly?              Yes No
Do your operators need training in how to maneuver and move snow using split brakes in a backhoe equipped with a snow pusher?              Yes No
Small Site
Although you have a small site, do you have access to skid steers, backhoes or loaders in the event you have a large snowfall requiring snow relocation?              Yes No
Is it your equipment?              Yes No
Would you have to rely on someone else and their equipment?              Yes No
Large Site
Do you own all the equipment you'll need for servicing a large site?              Yes No
Do you need to subcontract backhoes and loaders?              Yes No
Omni demands its Service Providers log in and submit all bills online including all necessary paperwork scanned and uploaded in .pdf format within 48 hours of an event where service was provided. Do you have a problem with this?              Yes No
On the first of the month, an itemized hard copy invoice must be received by Omni, in order for proper payment to be made to you. Is this a procedure you can follow?              Yes No
A Omni Field Supervisor is assigned responsibility for the site you are plowing for us. The Field Supervisor represents Omni policy and procedures and you must supply this person with copies of your invoices for record keeping purposes. The invoice copies must be faxed to the Field Supervisor.Is this a procedure you think you can follow?              Yes No
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