Parking lot maintenance work

Parking Lot Maintenance

A safe and accessible parking lot can make a great first impression on a customer. We offer pothole fixes, repaving, and crack repair for your parking lot to give your customers a pleasant experience before they even walk inside.

snow remove service oad.

Snow & Ice Removal

If your customers can’t access your building, they’ll go somewhere else. Our fast snow removal service keeps your parking lot, road, and sidewalks clear, allowing easy and safe access for customers or apartment residents.

we make green and impresive landscape

Landscape Maintenance

We can give you a green, luscious landscape that will impress customers and make your business look appealing. You can rely on us to trim, prune, and weed to keep your landscaping neat and eye-catching.

building maintenance the old building

Building Maintenance

Old and new buildings can benefit from building maintenance, and we make it easy for you. We can touch up paint, fix cracks, or replace damaged exterior features.


Snow Removal and Building Maintenance

Omni Solutions gives you solutions for your property maintenance and care needs. Our list of services includes everything you need to present a professional and well-kept front for your business. We also provide our services quickly so that you don’t have to experience downtime.

Get Property Services Anywhere

Our nationwide coverage means that you can get quality service anywhere, and our 24/7 service ensures that you get the service you need right when you need it. We are your one-stop shop for snow removal, lawn care, and parking lot and building maintenance. We make it easier than ever to provide a tidy and professional appeal.

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